In talks with India on opportunity to roll out vaccine: Pfizer



MUMBAI/LONDON: Even as the UK became the first country to grant emergency approval to Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine, the US firm said it is “committed’’ to engaging with the Indian go nment to “explore opportunities” to roll it out here. The vaccine will be a challenge for India as it requires storage at -70 degrees, experts say.


Pfizer spokeswoman Roma Nair told TOI: “We are committed to advance our dialogue with the Indian go nment. We are working with go nments across the world to understand the infrastructure requirements of each country and we have logistical plans in place. We are confident the rollout can be managed in India.”


Many countries like the UK, the US and EU pre-ordered millions of doses of the vaccine using advance purchase agreements. While the US has pre-ordered 100 million doses, EU has pre-ordered 200 million with a further option of ordering another 100 million. The UK has pre-ordered 40 million.


India does not have a preorder agreement with Pfizer for its vaccine as yet.


The cost of getting a jab could reportedly be up to $40-50 (Rs 2,950 to 3,700), rendering it unaffordable for developing countries.


“Their whole production has been booked for 2021 by rich countries. India has not booked or created the infrastructure for ultra-cold storage and distribution of the vaccine. Hence, it looks unfeasible. The price is also beyond the Indian range of affordability,” ICMR former director general NK Ganguly said.

ICMR前总干事NK Ganguly说:“辉瑞的疫苗产量已经被富裕国家预定到了2021年。印度尚未预订或建立超低温储存和分发疫苗的基础设施。因此,这看起来是不可行的。价格也超出了印度人的承受能力”


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If the go nment can't afford to buy it and supply free to citizens, at least allow those who can afford to buy it and use it. Every single vaccine shot will lead to less risk to people around them.



Sudeep Biswas

I can afford it... pls allow it for the Indians who can afford it.. don't act like a beggar



Vijayendra Chauhan

Stupid indian go nment. I can afford, give me a shot.



Rajkumar Agarwal

No need to spend such exorbitant amounts in a rush buying wait for some more time



HappyTimes User

Why should Govt decide what vaccine citizens should get. If some people can afford Pfizer why deny them.




The BJP is just interested in winning elections



Ravindran M

Storage at minus 70 degrees possible only in Arctic- Transport cost ,keeping them at the regulated temperature cost ,transporting these to various states - We must either look for a vaccine suitable for our tropical climate or find a vaccine on our own researchers will find a vaccine for our use- --



Vijayakumar Bhosale

India can produce these vaccine in India but can not afford its cost at present. Let us wait for a while till Indian companies make such one.



Gaau Meat And Pork

I am soooo filthy rich with crores of black money earned from real estate deals in South India, I will take my family in a private jet abroad and get vaccinated..... I cannot trust the corrupt Indian as I am corrupted too



tatkrm krm1

The major PROBLEM will be that govt hospital doctors / management staff will not be able to sell it in black market as storing temp of -70 degree centigrade will not be possible for black marketeers.



Rai Bahadur

Storing at -70 degree is possible and not rocket science technology. Modi govt has already plan for it. If this Pfizer vaccine become too costly at least govt should approve and make available in India. Whoever can afford should be made available to him. Modi Ji should personally monitor so that we can get in India in a week.



Sudeep Biswas

I m ready to afford much higher cost that what is mentioned....allow it for the Indians who can afford it.




We should speed up covaxin ___ Our own vaccine will be better for us.


Rinku Singh

Mark my words, Covaxin will fail. Has Indian companies ever made an original vaccine?



Abhishek Anand

At least get it in India in open market. If I have a dire need and I can buy and I will buy.




I would suggest all to wait until our indigeneous CoVaxin is made available that best suits to Indians! Have Patience!

Til then, wear a mask and protect urself when u r out in public!




Shishupal Sharma

more than affordability, its logistics at -70 degree which is a challenge here....




Biharis will get it for free as promised by Modiji




Pfizer not needed in India!


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