Some vaccines that require cold chain at -70°C not ‘ideal’ for India: Experts



PUNE: Leading health experts in the country have expressed concern over the number of cold chain facilities that will have to be readied to deploy vaccines with recommended storage temperatures as low as -70°C.


Former director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research, Dr NK Ganguly, told TOI that most of the Covid vaccines being developed require super-cold storage and may prove difficult for even the most sophisticated cities to store and transport.

印度医学研究委员会前总干事NK Ganguly博士告诉《印度时报》,正在开发的大部分新冠疫苗需要超低温储存,即使是最先进的印度城市也可能难以储存和运输这些疫苗。

“Medical freezers that go down to -70°C or -80°C are rare even in American and European hospitals. Most, if not all the current vaccine frontrunners, require stringent cold chains, making them immensely challenging for India to deploy,” he said.


The concerns come amidst reports that said the Pfizer vaccine, which promises 90% efficacy, will need to be stored in -70°C. The Moderna vaccine too — its efficacy rating is expected by December-end — needs -20°C to survive. The experts said such vaccines will not be ideal for developing countries.


Ganguly said the Pfizer vaccine may prove to be a “logistical nightmare” for India, with heatwaves, widespread power outages and large rural belts.


“Also, massive pre-orders for the vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna’s) from the UK, USA and Japan will make them mostly unavailable for us until 2021,” he said.


Dr Lalit Kant, former head of epidemiology and communicable diseases at the ICMR, said some vaccines will not be feasible for India. He said, “Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA (messenger RNA) shots that require ultra-low storage temperatures. We do not have such freezers in our country.

ICMR流行病学和传染病部门的前负责人Lalit Kant博士说,有些疫苗在印度并不可行。他说:“辉瑞和Moderna疫苗都是信使RNA疫苗,需要超低温储存。我们国家没有这样的冷藏设施。”

Pfizer has announced it will provide a dry ice container that will be able to maintain a temperature of -70°C for up to 10 days. But it is still not logistically feasible,” he said. However, Dr Kant said there are vaccines in development that can be stored in temperatures between -2°C and -8°C.


Health officials said existing cold storage networks fulfil requirements of three vaccine candidates — from Bharat Biotech, Zydus Cadila and Serum Institute — that are being tested for Indian conditions. A senior central health official said the doses would require over 16,000 cold chain storages.

卫生官*员说,现有的冷藏网络满足三种候选疫苗的要求,这三种疫苗分别来自Bharat Biotech、Zydus Cadila和Serum Institute,它们正在针对印度的情况进行测试。一位中央高级卫生官*员说,这些剂量将需要超过1.6万个冷链仓库。


Vyomesh Desai

Let go nment and other organisation look in to the issue.

So far Modi go nment has done good in handeling COVID and same way they will do a good job in managing this




Lashkar Thammudu

Forget India its going to be a problem in US itself.



Priya Saxena

Whenever a problem or a challenge comes by, mankind always resolves it. That has been our history. This challenge too will be solved, rest assured !!



Sanjoy Pandey

In view of these observations, India will have to find out some alternative vaccine.



t k

hahahaha and we want to compete with china.....we cant even complete with Africa hahaha jokers = circus




Pfizer's -70 Degree may be good for countries near North pole or countries having extreme cold climate.. Asia, Africa & South America is not possible...




Not possible in most part of world



Donti Chandramouli

Let us leave it to Govt. to solve the issue. They have proved, can rise to the occassion. Jai Hind



DP World

Bharat Biotech, Zydus Cadila and Serum Institute, these 3 are the best hope for India as they will be produced locally and suited to local conditions.

Bharat Biotech、Zydus Cadila和Serum Institute,这3家公司是印度最大的希望,因为它们在印度本土生产,更适应本土的条件。


Rene Fernandez

This news is bad because we will not be able to store any of the vaccines from Pfizer etc which require to be stored @ -70 degrees Centigrade simply because we do not have such facility in India . Also unreliable 24 hours power is the norm across the districts of India .



Vinod Kumar

Lets not make our country a market for these greedy companies... Only Indian vaccine



real India

Not ideal for India or India can't afford it?




There will be some alternative. Let us not worry too much about these hurdles



Arbinder Singh

8 months since Corona Virus and there is hardly any medical solution to it. What is going on Medical World? Wake up...



Leon Fernandes

no problem we will have alternative vaccines.



Kvs Sarma

-70 degree c is impossible to maintain. it is just waste of money.


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