India braces for shock GDP as go nment scrambles to spur economy



NEW DELHI: The bad news is getting worse for India’s economy and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is exhausting all options to stem the fallout.


Data on Friday will likely show the economy had its weakest performance last quarter in more than six years, with the growth rate dropping below the symbolically important 5% mark. It’s a culmination of several months of downbeat figures, from plunging car sales to shrinking factory output and an export slump.


Having left much of the stimulus burden to the central bank early this year, PM Modi is now taking bolder steps to reverse the decline. In recent months, the go nment has slashed corporate taxes, set up a special real-estate fund, merged banks and announced the biggest privatisation drive in more than a decade. While authorities are committed to doing more, the policy room may be narrowing.



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Ankur • 23 hours ago

But bhakts will still vote for this moron.


Kapoor A• 18 hours ago

Are you intelligent enough to get a INR 50000 job


19jp55 • 22 hours ago

Cannot discus WISDOM with a FOOL



SNAAATION• 23 hours ago

Bhakths are hiding in caves, they feel this reports are fake..modi is giving them 15 lakhs of swiss money.



Nallamuthu Naa• 22 hours ago

Real pappu is Modi who has ZERO knowledge on economics and moving towards ZERO GDP record.



vipul arya• 22 hours ago

Dr Moonga Goonga did take the GDP even lower....even when there was no global slowdown....


Peace Bro• 21 hours ago

Just sh!t whatever come from the mouth with no facts or data...typical bhakts



sam mm • 23 hours ago

Despite fudging GDP figures , the Govt could not dits failure as the figure touched 5%, in reality it is below 4 %, truth always comes out no matter how much u try



Satendra Yadav • 22 hours ago

Q2 GDP is sub 4.5%..I never had any trust in Modi governance, even before 2014..it''s all pseudo development he did in Gujarat but he sold fake dreams to indian idiots and they bought it...Now, even repenting over decision is not even an option..We are officially in RECESSION!!


Shailesh M Kulkarni• 18 hours ago

Technically we are not. Recession is 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth



Sambappa Kalvala• 23 hours ago

The price of Onion Dosa is up by 20 rupees



Shriksa • 22 hours ago

It is noticed that since last 5 plus years, best economists at top levels have been either shunted out or are not being allowed to take decisions. Even fm Finance MinisternArun Jaitley was a lawyer, not an economist. Quite worrying. In earlier govts UPA 1 and 2, many top econonists were managing the show with great results.



Robie Shoby • 22 hours ago

Jawaharlal Nehru responsible for the weakest ever performance of our economy?



amit kapoor • 22 hours ago

Anybody who talks about GDP should be declared a anti national by BJP and send to Pakistan



Pio Rodrigues Rodrigues • 20 hours ago

the go nment only fooled the people and told them that good days are coming. if was all false news to fool the people and take their votes. but now the people have realised it.



krishna sai nelluri• 20 hours ago

why don't people look into international crisis?

tell me 5 countries in the world where the economy is only booming and not slowed down from last quarter.



Ajinkya Taware• 20 hours ago

what does that mean? if other countries are going into recession, that India should follow suit?



alex dotcom • 19 hours ago

A chai Wala is running this country and people still give votes, wow



Kiran Kanoria • 20 hours ago

After cooking the books, the figure is 5%. In reality, it can be 3.5%. I think Subramaniam Swamy should be made the PM immediately so that the economy and the country can be saved. The disaster with illiterate PM and inexperienced FM everybody has seen.



Kiran Kanoria • 20 hours ago

Even after fudging and cooking the books Modi and the FM could not bring the GDP up.



Prince • 21 hours ago

Why did Modi spent 3000 crore on a statue of a politician? Strange are the whims and fancies of the rulers.



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