China overtakes US in global diplomatic heft in terms of missions



WASHINGTON: China has overtaken the United States as the country with the most diplomatic posts across the world, even as India, the world’s second-most populous country, languishes at 12th place in the diplomatic sweepstakes, according to new data from an Australian think tank.


According to the report from the Lowy Institute, China now has 276 diplomatic posts globally, three more than the US. While China has just one additional embassy/high commission than the US (169-168), Beijing has 96 consulates around the world to Washington’s 88.


India is ranked 12th in terms of such diplomatic heft, with 123 embassies and high commissions, and 54 consulates, across the world. France, Japan, and Russia are ranked at 3rd,4th, and 5th, after China and the United States.


China’s eclipse of the United States is seen as a pivotal moment in global affairs, an indication of Beijing’s growing international ambitions even as Washington under President Trump is scaling back its engagement with the world. Trump has frequently complained about the United States being ripped off by the rest of the world while paring down on go nment expenses, including foreign aid, even as China has ramped up its global engagement.


Overall, Lowy Institute’s Global Diplomacy Index for 2019 weighed 61 countries of the world with 7316 outposts in 724 cities across the globe, including 4846 embassies and high commissions.


Countries that ranked above India, which has also been criticized at home for not putting money behind the influence it ought to have, includes Turkey (6th place), Germany (7th), Brazil (8th), Spain (9th), Italy (10th) UK (11th). India has one of the smallest foreign service cadres among major nations.



Chandrashekar HarthiBangalore1 days ago

Not a major difference this is a stupid article



Konfucius Ken• 1 day ago

The difference is economic presence in markets which has upset Western Equations. Chinese don''t waste effort on mere social or military presence. They are making every grain of diplomacy count.



Good Boy1 days ago

Pakistan benchmarking India..



narasaraoHyd1 days ago

China is increasing its zones of influence.



real Indiacow land1 days ago

India overtakes US in jealousy



S K1 days ago

I''m proud of India who is strategically investing in foreign affairs.....



Prince Elbow1 days ago

China will sion take over the world and we will keep fighting among ourselves.



Epic 1 days ago

Then why my chinese noodles are always cold? I want them fresh and less than 30 mins delivered.



NriguyNew York1 days ago

India must have representation in all countries.



v w1 days ago

indian missions - self serving babus who don''t work, only enjoying phoren !



Kosmic Power1 days ago

They can have all the missions they wan, except India. India doesn''t need more barbaric people as it is trying to get rid of the ones there. These morons and clowns in the media, Bollywood and Congress, think India needs to follow other countries. For the rest of the world, India is a place where they want to dunp their barbaric ways and sell their products.



Rahul PandeyLucknow1 days ago

In India, we are bent on subsidizing inefficient private sector and their employees who get jobs via references and bribes and hence left with no money to hire talented people who crack UPSC in our embassies. We lost RCEP because of these untalented goons in firms and now with so less of diplomats, no matter how hard Modi works, India will not gain much.



Dilip Chemburkar1 days ago

This is just one of a myriad ways Trump is hurting the US. American voters have to remove him in 2021 fir the good of their nation and the world.



Prateek Trivedi1 days ago

But nobody goes to China.



Arun Choudhary1 days ago

china is diplomic country no faith upon this news



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