Govt plans to scrap e-comm ‘gifts’ to curb China imports


BENGALURU: The go nment is considering amending its rules to completely remove the provision under which citizens can receive duty-free ‘gifts and samples’ valued at under Rs 5,000 from overseas, after finding its rampant misuse by Chinese ecommerce vendors, senior officials ET spoke to said.

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBITC), which formulates policy concerning levy and collection of customs, was considering a cap on the number of gifts an individual can receive, but has decided against it given the complexity in its implementation. “There were multiple legal options we were looking at, one being limiting the number (of gifts) to four per individual. But to implement this practically would be difficult, so we’re looking at a policy that prohibits the clearance of gifts altogether,” said a senior go nment official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The customs department began cracking down on ecommerce imports masquerading as gifts in November last year. Starting this year, an approach to block the clearance of such packages across all express cargo ports was adopted, leading to a massive drop in the number of gifts coming into the country. The official said all the three major express cargo ports in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, which constitute 90% of such imports, had blocked clearance of gifts. Other ports were also notified to ensure Chinese ecommerce vendors did not shift their base, but no such phenomenon has been seen. “We’ve curbed it (import of gifts) completely. Now policy-wise we’re planning in such a way that the gift word itself is removed,” said the official. “The policy can say clearance sought as gift is not permitted, or in other words, whatever you’re importing you need to pay duties and clear it.”





While the board’s action against imports through the gift channel has been largely tackled, another route for imports has opened up. Firms have been found to be acting as intermediaries between customers and Chinese ecommerce companies, to avoid paying higher duties that personal imports attract.

ET had reported in June that the Mumbai customs port had seized hundreds of packages of firms such as Sino India Etail and Globemax, which were acting as importers on record for Chinese firms SheIn and Club Factory, respectively. Both firms were found to be undervaluing imported goods. “B2C imports coming in the garb of B2B imports is another problem. Anywhere we see import volumes surging, we look into it and take appropriate action. However, the number of importers who don’t cross this threshold are massive, and we can’t look into everything,” another go nment official said.

The board has been actively seeking feedback from the industry on ways to curb duty and GST evasion by ecommerce vendors located outside the country, ET had reported in August. For now, the board is working with the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade by furnishing inputs for the latter’s comprehensive ecommerce policy. One of the measures that has already been highlighted in the draft policy is mandating all ecommerce entities, global and local, to register themselves in India for the purpose of monitoring their sales.


《印度时报》曾在6月份报道称,孟买海关口岸查获了数百包类似中印Etail和Globemax这样的公司的包裹,这两家公司分别是中国SheIn和Club Factory的进口商。两家公司都被发现低报了进口商品的价值。“以B2B名义进口B2C商品是另一个问题。只要我们看到进口量飙升,我们就会深入调查,并采取适当行动。然而,未达这个门槛的进口商数量十分庞大,我们无法全面调查。”另一位政府官员说。




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Please scrap it right away, nobody stops you from doing. Be careful while dealing with Chinese. Hindi Chini bhai bhai and they will stab in your back moment they get chance.




Win New

We already have the policy to place MRP on the product before customs clearance. Why not charge customs duty on the MRP? That would be a neat and clean solution.




Indian industry should learn how China, Japan and others became export powerhouses. Gifts and presents are one of the tools of promoting exports which China is doing. Another tool is paying under table commissions which Iran did to dump steel on the Indian market. Unless Indian industry becomes technically and quality wise competitive to withstand the onslaught of export powerhouses such as China the decline of the Indian industry will continue.



Pradip Bhagat

So Clubfactory , Aliexpress all will have to shut their shops in India? I am sick and tired to such policies . Instead of making our industries competitive all we know how to exacerbate situation.



Yui Mich

Have you ever see the the ware house size of CLUBFCTRY if not then go and see before writing before such anti India statement...



Vaithianathan R M

The Chinese have a way of exploiting in every thing they do by trade with India. We must be strict in our laws and its enforcement.




Need of the hour



Jonathan Fleming

Everytime, only the common man has to suffer. Prices of electronics is too high in India.



Sanjiv Dogra

There should be total ban on gifts.Traders buying to sell it on Indian market




Government should make taxing these items easier rather than place a blanket ban. USA became a powerhouse because it allowed easy imports of technologies and consumer items like cameras from Japan. China now makes high quality technology products at cheap rates. Any blockage will put India behind in development by several years. India should partner with these ecom websites and charge GST at the time of buying itself. The product package label should have information whether GST and other taxes have been paid or not.



Satish K

let them invest in India and Manufacture it here to address Indian Customer (Largest Customer base) and also look to export to take back the investments , Only way avlb. No Free Lunch to Chinese in the cost of Employment of Indians



Sanjay Parikh

Great MOVE, Please make it happen immediately. This is being misused since long & impacted economy heavily.



Chand Gupta

It is time to stop rouge Chinese stuff entering India and spoiling our industry and creating unemployment. No imports from CHINA




Hahah! Redmi sells a million smartphones in India - probably more than a million, really. And it is a Chinese brand! Indians are useless and absolutely spineless when it comes to cheap products. Their nationalism is limited only to religion and politics!

Hahah !红米在印度销售了100万部智能手机——实际上可能超过了100万部。这是一个中国品牌!印度人很没用,一看到廉价产品就失去骨气。他们的民族主义只局限于宗教和政治!


Gunasekaran Subbiah

You are absolutely right. When it about the money & materials, our patriotism will immediately vanish & moves to the back seat.




Feku''s tax terrorism is everywhere, and he simply wants to loot common man even more in the name of curb imports.



Mohammed Husain

Levy duty on any imports by individuals, no threshold limit. problem will be solved.



Arjun Rodrigues

Makes sense, some items from Aliexpress do have import duty, maybe there could be a way to have it paid at the source so it''s easy for the postal department to process it




Ban all imports from China



Subbu India

All avenues of imports from China should be closed. Don''t know how. When we buy an US product we find the print at the back "Made in China"




We are all seeing that some SELFISH INDIANS - descendants of first traitor Jayachandwho broughtin Mohd Gori - are importing cheesiness goods and killing LAKHS OF INDUSTRIES AND MILLIONS OF JOBS. Even Amazon and Flipcart are peddling chinese goods with Indian address. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP THIS NON SENSE. EITHER BEHEAD ALL THOSE WHO IMPORT FROM CHINA (MODERN DAY jAYACHANDS) OR GET OUT OF WTO AND BAN CHINESE DUMPING

我们都看到一些自私的印度人——第一个叛国者jayachand的后代,他们带来了Mohd Gori——进口奶酪制品,击垮了成千上万的工厂和数百万的工作岗位。甚至连亚马逊和Flipcart都在兜售印着印度地址的中国商品。你们什么时候才能停止这种疯狂的行径。要么砍掉所有从中国进口的人的脑袋,要么退出世贸组织,禁止中国在印度的倾销。


Jayeshkumar Panchal

Gifts can not be in Multiple, unless they are (parer) Notebooks.



Manu Singh

what abt gifts which feku receives from ambani ?



Poornima Kammar

Why so much hue and cry, because of your lord and savior is not getting any piece of it?



Rewarding India

good move... imports from China must be banned


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