Initial nod for military projects worth Rs 22,800 cr, but Navy to get less sub-killing planes



NEW DELHI: The go nment on Thursday gave preliminary approval to defence procurement projects worth Rs 22,800 crore, but slashed the Navy’s long-standing proposal to acquire 10 more Poseidon-8I “submarine-hunting” aircraft to just six planes amidst the severe fund crunch being faced by the armed forces.


Apart from the six P-8I aircraft, the Rajnath Singh-led defence acquisitions council (DAC) also gave the nod for the indigenous design, development and manufacture of “thermal imaging night sights” for assault rifles of the Army and 14 twin-engine heavy-duty helicopters for the Coast Guard.





WhyYouNeedIt• 12 hours ago

The Lost Decade of 2004 to 2014, will haunt the armed forces for next 5 years at least.



Konfucius Ken• 9 hours ago

The Chinese already have thermal imaging sights and have probably also provided it to Pakistan



Charsi Pappu • 11 hours ago

Stupid article. Modi govt has procured more arms than last 20 yrs, defence forces suffered cos nothing was bought during 10yr rule of thugs UPA. Country is in safe hands now.



Khandni Chors Dalals Termites Carnivores • 11 hours ago

Modi will strengthen the defense of this country and will make it rock solid.



Sonu saha• 12 hours ago

Why not Navy setup a powerful base in Andaman & Nicobar islands ??



Balachandramenon Vengasserry• 11 hours ago

India really need for its air force Killer Drones to blast off hide outs of terrorist beggars in PoK & Pakistan.



Sarthak • 10 hours ago

Govt doesn't have money for buying even equipment for defence personnel.



Simon Roger• 10 hours ago

why is there always a "resource crunch" for the country''s defence ?



Nutz • 12 hours ago

why the fund crunch for armed forces while there is no such crunch for statues and temples that are being completed in record time



Raghav N Bhatnagar• 7 hours ago

Best way to save money is to make them in India.


The Truth• 9 hours ago

Pakistan has double the numbers of awacs then india. its a big concern....

indigenous is good but we need immediate import of much advanced technology from super powers...




Abhijit singh • The Hindu • 6 hours ago

Now fund crunch in armed forces too. Why Feku built Statue of nautanki(unity) worth 3000 crore. Hundreds of crore wasted in his foreign trips. He is giving 6000 crore freebies to farmers. Economy is down. Government extravagance high. Make in India failed. Even after 6 years, no improvement.



Kishore • 1 hour ago

we don't have deep pockets to become global policeman like Russia and US. defence procurement for navy to show off its carriers going to be a costly affair.



New • dd • 2 hours ago

make in india will be a good solution ......it will create jobs and revenue for the govt .....



Aman • 2 hours ago

It''s a good step, our country should be able to compete at global level in terms of quality of its weapons.



Abcd • 2 hours ago

Defense forces were bound to suffer from fund crunch after OROP (one rank one pension) which increased the expenditure on salaries front.



Deepak Pillai• 7 hours ago

Bulk of the funds goes to pay the 1.3 million strong Armed Forces personal. Its for nothing that Indian Armed Forces are the world's second largest standing army after China's.



Viswanathan Iyer • Bangalore • 9 hours ago

Why, is it because of short of funds or Navy has sufficient planes, which is true?



super India • super India • cow land • 9 hours ago

Buying foreign arms and weapons will make India a superpower



Vivek • 12 hours ago

Government should concentrate more on miltray equipment as there is lot of threat from Pakistan and China although our go nment aloting more amount comparing congress should improve


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