India no longer has a “population explosion” problem. Coercive population control must be avoided


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech identified “population explosion” as a national challenge and asked for schemes to tackle it. Data released by the government suggests otherwise. India has long passed the stage of “population explosion”. What we are currently witnessing is a massive reduction in fertility rates without the use of coercive methods like the ones practised by China in the past. The fourth National Family Health Survey (2015-16) showed that India’s total fertility rate was 2.2, a shade above the replacement rate of 2.1. The subsequent survey was carried out in 2018-19, and it’s plausible that when the results are released, India’s national fertility rate could be at replacement level.


Given this situation, it would be unwise to devise any measure that smacks of coercion. It might prove counterproductive. Instead, the government should double down on its existing program, ‘Mission Parivar Vikas’, which seeks to provide an enabling environment for people to make decisions in sync with national goals. It’s a matter of pride for India that fertility rates are declining fast on account of choices exercised by people. In addition to creating an enabling environment, the government needs to commission research on the regional patterns of fertility declines. The differences in the pace of fertility decline are regional, and not on account of religion. Research on why Odisha, for example, has a much lower fertility rate than Bihar, which is similar in terms of development indicators, will make for more informed policies in future.

在这种情况下,制定任何强制性人口控制措施都是不明智的,可能适得其反。相反,政府应该对其现有的“Mission Parivar Vikas”计划加大投入,该计划旨在为人们提供一个有利的环境,使他们能够做出与国家目标同步的决策。印度的生育率正在快速下降,这是人们自己的选择,这是值得骄傲的。除了创造有利的环境外,政府还需要对区域生育率下降模式进行研究。生育率下降速度的差异是区域性的,并不是因为宗教。例如,关于为什么奥里萨邦的生育率比比哈尔邦低得多的研究(比哈尔邦的发展指标与奥里萨邦相似),这将有助于今后制定更加明智的政策。



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Nilesh K•20 hours ago

Low fertility is their among Hindu middle class they have only 1 baby these days while both husband and wife pays huge taxes...



Sudesh Kumar Gupta•19 hours ago

Hindus in india follow family planning so their population will not increase much.



Euananil B•21 hours ago

India has a huge population problem you idiot ....



Sadananda Halageri•Unknown•21 hours ago

I can't believe that a so called seasoned team could have written something like this.



Haresh Rathod•20 hours ago

The editor don't understand the problem. And writing such idiotic piece. We have limited resources and against it the population is very high. Take the case of developed countries. They have huge resources and less population. Per capita resources very high unlike India.



Raju Kalua•Location•18 hours ago

You are right, the editors are idiots. Just by looking at one statistics they have arrived at a conclusion that suits their agenda. When you have to take a decision you cannot just look at one statistics and ignore all others.



Surender Negi•New Delhi•20 hours ago

I Disagree. india national growth rate can't decide that the population problem of India is Mirage. Muslim population growth is 3.2 , while North India Hindu growth rate is 2.3 while South India hindu growth rate is 1.2 . We have unbalance growth rate to maintain diversity. Hence Population control for even small period such as 10byears is required and implemented.



Okman•India•15 hours ago

Avoid white lies.



A K Dharmarajan•20 hours ago

Quick Edit does not mean quick oppose.I am sure none of the fast and quick editors have travelled by Mumbai locals.Have you ever been inside a slum which has poor children.How did you conclude that control will be coercive?UP and Bihar are poor because of high population and high unemployment. Sad that nation's leading paper does not realise what is good for the nation.



Jeet Singh Beelwan•19 hours ago

This seems to be far from reality.why such editorial are allowed?Population is largest problem of this country. Country had a population of 30 crores in 1947 , now having 130 crores. Think 100 crores excess has taken away all development and prosperity of this country.We remain crowded in all places , dog fights in every street and sperm race in all fields is taking a big tol on quality of life.We don't value life because we have too many people




Varun Tomar•17 hours ago

There should be some checks and subsidy cut offs for those who have more than 2-3 children.



Ashok Bhasin•16 hours ago

Wonderful step by Modi govt to check rising indian population. Initially, one child parents should be honoured and poor parents incentivised with free health care, education etc. I do not mind if some coercion is usec to produce results . Ultimately, it will be to the benefit of poor in particular nd for country in general.



Rajagopalan Sambasivan•20 hours ago

Seems to be a paid article.



Aditya Sharma•18 hours ago

Who is the idiot writing this...


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