Bruce Lee's daughter slams dad's 'caricature' portrayal in 'Once Upon A Time in Hollywood'



While the box office numbers for "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" resulted in director Quentin Tarantino's biggest opening to date, not everyone is wild about the drama set in Los Angeles in 1969.


Shannon Lee, the 50-year-old daughter of Bruce Lee portrayed in the film, ripped the depiction of her father in an interview with The Wrap published online Monday. The "Enter the Dragon" star, played in the film by Mike Moh, appears cocky and boastful.

周一,李小龙50岁的女儿李香凝在接受the Wrap网站的采访时,抨击了该影片对李小龙形象的刻画。电影中李小龙由迈克·毛饰演,李小龙曾出演《龙争虎斗,但在《好莱坞往事》中,其形象显得骄傲自大。

“He comes across as an arrogant (expletive) who was full of hot air,” Shannon told the outlet.


Shannon also said her father aimed to dodge scuffles. “Here, he’s the one with all the puffery and he’s the one challenging Brad Pitt," she said. "Which is not how he was.”


Viewing the movie was distressing for Shannon. “It was really uncomfortable to sit in the theater and listen to people laugh at my father.”


She believes Moh was “directed to be a caricature” and that this part diminishes her efforts to keep her dad's memory alive, which The Wrap reports she does via a website, podcast and through the Bruce Lee Foundation.

她认为迈克·毛是“被导演打造成一个夸张讽刺的人物”。据The Wrap报道,她希望通过网站、播客和李小龙基金会告诉人们李小龙是怎样的人,而这部影片让其努力付诸东流。

Matthew Polly, author of the biography "Bruce Lee: A Life," agrees "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" goes too far.


"Bruce Lee was often a cocky, strutting braggart, but Tarantino took those traits and exaggerated them to the point of caricature," says Polly, who takes exception with Lee boasting about beating boxing champ Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) in a fight.


"Bruce revered Cassius Clay; he never claimed he could beat the champ," says Polly.


USA TODAY has reached out to Tarantino for comment.



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Fin9 days ago

If anybody has seen a Tarantino film, ever, they would realize that his characters are ALWAYS over the top. It is not intended to slight the memory of Bruce Lee.



Josh9 days ago

I enjoyed the movie, thought it was really funny. Sure I'm a fan of Bruce Lee, but I can enjoy a good show and don't take things like that too seriously. This is a light hearted film, just enjoy it.



JR9 days ago

I feel like if you know Quentin's style, you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt since it’s obvious fiction, a trademark of the director to fictionalize historical events and people. Did she think this was a bruce lee, sharron tate bio pic...PLEASE.



Alejandra Herrera8 days ago

I never once thought about Bruce Lee negatively when watching this movie. It was funny but that was it. Never in my mind did I think oh yea Bruce Lee was definitely like that or yea that totally happened. Lets get serious its a movie not a biography.



Anonymous9 days ago

She doesn't get it. Tarantino could have chosen ANY person from that time to put in his movie and he chose Bruce, so obviously, HE IS A BIG FAN



Blubbalip9 days ago

Always liked Bruce Lee movies.



YBKS9 days ago

Her father died when she was wjhat 3-4? What kind of memories does she really have to know whether the depiction was accurate or not.



.....................9 days ago

We ALL understand its just a movie and Tarantino's movies are purposely over the top. It's fine.



Chad Hollander9 days ago

I thought the scene was funny but in no way made me think any less of Bruce Lee. The movie was fiction.



Ron9 days ago

Hope she has a son or grandson maybe her genes will produce another Bruce



Robert9 days ago

The audience who like Tarantino's movies know the difference between pulp and fiction.



Brett8 days ago

It's been made pretty clear that it is a fictional movie.



M9 days ago

I will buy the blue ray edition of this film just for the bruise Lee part, it was good



MR9 days ago

Well I'm gonna slam some money down and watch an entertaining film for once.



Ryan C9 days ago

Oh god! Get a sense of humor. Everyone knows Bruce is the man. I'm sure if he were alive he would of thought it was funny.




I don't think Bruce would be upset

He would love it



Thoughtful9 days ago

Bruce lee is a legend.



Jerry9 days ago

I never knew Bruce Lee had such a beautiful daughter.



Michael9 days ago

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is just a movie. It isn't a documentary.



curtis9 days ago

I agree with Shannon Lee.



John Cocktoestoesn9 days ago

It’s fiction, right?



Bernardino9 days ago

It's a movie, not a documentary.



Mahmoud8 days ago

Bruce Lee deserves the utmost respect, always



d9 days ago

Movie is no good. Save your money



Teri9 days ago

No movie will ever tarnish the Legend of Bruce Lee. He was an amazing person.



Derek Lowe8 days ago

She has a right to speak up, if she didn't like the portrayal of her father, in this film. She and her family knew him better.



lon9 days ago

It's a MOVIE people!!! calm down

这只是一部电影!! 淡定点


AL8 days ago

It’s a movie



Chief Socialist8 days ago

Bruce Lee is my hero - and always will be.


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