Making India $5 trillion economy challenging but achievable: PM Modi


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the goal of making India a $5 trillion economy by 2024 is challenging but surely achievable, as he asked states to focus on their core competencies and work towards increasing the GDP right from the district level.

Addressing the fifth meeting of the Governing Council of Niti Aayog, Modi also announced setting up of a high-powered committee comprising some chief ministers and Union ministers on structural reforms in agriculture.

The meeting which held in a "very positive atmosphere" was attended by senior Union ministers and almost all the chief ministers, except for Mamata Banerjee (West Bengal) and K Chandrashekhar Rao (Telangana).

Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh could not attend the meeting due to health reasons. Himachal Pradesh chief minister Jairam Thakur too could not attend the meeting as he was in Germany.



这次会议在“非常积极的气氛”中进行,除了Mamata Banerjee(西孟加拉邦)和K Chandrashekhar Rao(泰伦加纳邦)以外,高级联盟部长和几乎所有首席部长都出席了会议。

旁遮普省首席部长辛格由于健康原因无法出席会议。喜马偕尔邦首席部长塔库尔(Jairam Thakur)因为人在德国也没能出席会议。

Banerjee had earlier said she would not attend the meeting saying Niti Aayog is a "fruitless" body as it has no financial powers. Rao did not come as he was busy with preparations for the launch of the ambitious Rs 80,000 crore Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project that would end water woes in the state.

After the meeting, Niti Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar told reporters that composition and terms of reference about the high powered committee on agriculture reforms would be announced in the next few days. The committee, he added, would be submitting its report in two-three months.



On the absence of the Bengal chief minister, Kumar said it is regrettable that she did not come as her contribution to the meeting would have been helpful.

In his inaugural address, the Prime Minister also underlined the need for taking effective steps to tackle drought in various parts of the country.

According to an official release, Modi recalled the recent General Election as the world's largest democratic exercise and said that it is now time for everyone to work for the development of India. He spoke of a collective fight against poverty, unemployment, drought, flood, pollution, co ption and violence.




The Prime Minister said that everyone has a common goal of achieving a New India by 2022.

Stressing that the focus should be on collective responsibility for achieving short-term and long-term goals, Modi said the goal to make India a $5 trillion economy by 2024, is "challenging, but can surely be achieved".

The size of India's economy was estimated at $2.75 trillion at end-March 2019.




States, he added, should recognise their core competence, and work towards raising GDP targets right from the district level.

He also stressed on increasing exports from the country.

Amid drought-like situation in several parts of the country, Modi called for effective steps to tackle drought and emphasised that "per-drop, more-crop" strategy should be promoted.

India has faced deficit monsoon rains for the last five years and water management has become a major issue.





The release further said Modi reiterated the Union Government's commitment to double incomes of farmers by 2022. To achieve this, he said there should be a focus on fisheries, animal husbandry, horticulture, fruits and vegetables.

Noting the importance of structural reforms in agriculture, PM Modi spoke of the need to boost corporate investment, strengthen logistics, and provide ample market support. He said the food processing sector should grow at a faster pace than foodgrain production.

Giving further details about the meeting, the Niti Aayog Vice-Chairman said the stress was on boosting the agriculture sector and many of the states suggested a review of the agricultural produce market committees and norms related to essential commodities law.



关于会议的进一步细节,副主席Niti Aayog说,重点是大力发展农业部门,许多邦建议审查农产品市场委员会和与基本商品法有关的规范。

He also said the issue related to Jammu and Kashmir too came up for discussion and Governor Satya Pal Malik informed the gathering that there was a marked improvement in the law and order situation in the state.

The problem of Naxalism was being contained because there has been better coordination and information sharing among affected states.

Kumar said several states made many suggestions regarding the forthcoming Union Budget. He said the suggestions would help in budget making.

He also said devolution of funds from the Centre to states has almost doubled to Rs 41 lakh crore in the past four years.






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Rohan•india•17 hours ago

but achievable but Jumla. But bodies of 13 dead Air man is not traceable.



Arun Mehta•mumbai•1 day ago

Why Modi educational qualifications (degrees) are under stay?



Syed Masood Hassan•1 day ago

It''s really heartening to note that our GDP will be double in the next 5 years. For a progressive country like India, this target, even though could be a challenge but definitely possible provided we citizens of this great nation join together. First action from Government, Govt. means all three levels of Govt. Central, State and Local self Govt. All these Govt. agencies should (1) Evaluate through experts the invaluable hyper potentials of our great nation (2) Plan as to how effectively and ef ... Read More

我们的国内生产总值在今后五年内将翻一番,这真是令人鼓舞。对于印度这样一个发展中国家来说,这一目标虽然可能是个挑战,但只要我们这个伟大国家的公民团结起来,这一目标绝对是可能实现的。首先,政府的行动意味着中央、邦和地方三个层次的政府行动起来。所有这些政府机构都应该(1)通过专家评估我们伟大国家的巨大潜力;(2) 高效地规划。


Rohan•india•1 day ago

challenging, but achievable: This time he has become a bit wiser. He is not promising to achieve it. Any one may hope to achieve any thing !



Bhushan•1 day ago

Yes it is very much achievable. But for that need to concentrate on rural india.



Prabhakar Rallabhandi•1 day ago

Calculations show that to reach 5 trillion USD by 2024 means an annual growth rate of about 13% per anum. India crossed 9 % on only 3 occasions in last 20 years. This is certainly ( over) ambitious and since the average growth has been about 7 % for many years . While stretch targets are desirable, they should not be impractical. Modi Govt should target 10% growth and achieve it consistently.



King_maker69•1 day ago

BJP & Feku's cyber dogs people are uniting against the EVM rigging done by feku in the last elections.,They are planning protest soon please go out on the streets and start barking and biting them to save your master,Come on you can do it semi literates.



srinivas•1 day ago

Electric vehicles, self employment, financing the skilled youth, increase exports,and farm products,and afforestation are the sure ways to reach that goal in no time.



Valerian Pereira•india•1 day ago

Invite all over seas Branded cos to set up ventures in india.



Anurag•1 day ago

action to be taken 1. focus in jobs and economic growth ,2 psu shall be recapitalized and start lending , structural changes to be done in bank management otherwise more npa will be created , assets and personal property of all defaulters shall be sold 3. every year we have drought in part of India and flood in other part of India, river water to be diverted from flood prone areas to drought prone areas ( no need to spend tax payment money on bullet train or statues ) etc

应采取的行动:1.以就业和经济增长为重点;2. 进行资本重组并开始放贷,对银行管理进行结构性改革;3. 每年,印度部分地区都会发生干旱,印度其他地区也会发生洪水,河水会从容易发生洪水的地区流向容易发生干旱的地区(不需要为高铁或雕像缴税),等等


Anurag• Anurag Garg•1 day ago

all these to be done be,without increase in taxes on middle class , they are taxed very heavily , 30% income tax , 18% gst , rest of money gone for paying home loan EMI. in lieu of all these taxes do not get any freebie ( no subsidy, not covered in aayushman yozna ) from go nment .



Gadkari•1 day ago

On an average of 1 Pakoda Stall=1000 Dollars, Country will need 5 Billion Pakoda Stalls for 5 Trillion Dollar Economy.



BIG Indian•world•1 day ago

Indian mouth is the biggest. hail Modi


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