India's new high speed train breaks down after hitting cow on first trip - just one day after service was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi (and after rail bosses posted sped-up footage to make it look even faster)


India's new high-speed train broke down on its first trip after after hitting a cow on the tracks - just a day after it was launched.


The Vande Bharat Express made its first journey from New Delhi to the Hindu holy city of Varanasi on Friday after being inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi.


But on its return the following day it collided with cattle causing the brakes to fail, according to Indian Railways.


印度国产火车 train18,致敬印度号

It comes after rail bosses were left red faced when they were mocked for altering footage of the train on social media to make it look twice as fast.


Soon after the collision with the cow, the drivers noticed smoke billowing from the last four carriages and the electricity stopped working.


'The train later experienced technical issues and was stranded on the way to Delhi,' Indian Railways spokeswoman Smita Vats Sharma told AFP.

The train reached the capital 'safely' ahead of its first commercial journey on Sunday, she added.

印度铁路公司发言人Smita Vats Sharma对法新社表示,这列火车后来遇到技术问题,在前往德里的途中抛锚。

The accident is the latest controversy for the express train - touted as India's fastest and a special project of Modi's go nment.


Last week India's rail minister Piyush Goyal was mocked after he tweeted a digitally altered video of the train zipping by a station at lightning speed.


He was later accused of altering the video to make the train appear faster, triggering widespread social media ridicule.


A member of a trainspotters Facebook group wrote under the Twitter post that the video appeared to be sped up footage he had taken in December.


The Vande Bharat Express, touted as India's fastest train was built under the Modi go nment's flagship 'Make in India' programme.


Cattle obstructions on roads and rail tracks are common in India, particularly in Uttar Pradesh state where Saturday's collision happened.


The locally-made express train has a rated top speed of 180 kilometres (111 miles) an hour, 20 percent quicker than the next fastest train in service.


Railway authorities say the train is expected to reduce the 850-kilometre journey between the two cities from 14 to eight hours.




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HunSen, Southampton, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Holy cow



a.maan, london, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

I hope he doesnt get voted back as PM, hes ruined the country with all the stray cows



Richard Gill, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Considering they have a billion people living in it they really are a useless country! Look at what China are doing with their infrastructure putting every other nation to shame but especially useless India

印度有十几亿人口,还搞成这样,真是个一无是处的国家! 看看中国的基础设施,让其他国家相形见绌,尤其是让印度无地自容


Pippa Matthews, Mayfair, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

The cow is sacred, noble and pure.



Rdj, nottingham, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Don't worry you'll get there...love the country and people. So rich in culture and amazing food



brumman2013, solihull, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

"Was the cow on the track?" "No we had to chase it up an embankment and across a field, but we got it eventually."



Giespeace, Peaceville, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Well that's almost embarrassing.



twmsioncati, Caernarfon, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Apparently in another news report it was a ghost cow, other agencies report no cow, and no damage to the train just a technical issue from an Indian built train.



Sheikhstar, Hertfordshire , United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Fastest train couldn't outrun a cow. Lol



eeyaw, sydney, Australia, 4 days ago

The train did not hit any cow but clearly stalled, a story made up as there were no visible dents on the train nor were there any derailment.



indo, birmingham, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Modi OUT



PTB13, Anon, 4 days ago

Lol the guy with the green flag! What a circus.

哈哈,那个拿着绿旗的家伙! 像马戏团来的。


Myopinioncount, NI, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Choo choo, I mean moo moo.



AOC, Leeds, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Holy cow !!!



me, here, 4 days ago

Never mind the train, what about the poor cow!



Ron, Leeds, 4 days ago

IT was not programmed to stop for sacred cows.



Abbots Anal Warts, CRACK ALLEY, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Still better than our trains.



billyelton, Peterborough, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

If it hit a cow it didn't break down !


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