India is as polluted as China due to industrialization, yet still far not as successful as China in economy development. Why?




Xavier Ligeret
Answered 7h ago
Wrong premise. India is more polluted than China.
List of most polluted cities by particulate matter concentration - Wikipedia
The most polluted city in the world isn’t Beijing or Delhi
Cities by PM2.5 pollution
Zabol (Iran) 217.
Gwalior (India) 176.
Allahabad (India) 170.
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 156.
Al Jubail (Saudi Arabia) 152.
Patna (India) 149.
Raipur (India) 144.
Bamenda (Cameroon) 132.
India vs. China for the most polluted cities in the world:
India has 4 cities in the top 10 vs. 2 for China
India has 10 cities in the top 20 vs. only 4 for China
The very much criticized Beijing is only #57 in the ranking, whereas Delhi is #11!
What does that tell you: you got brainwashed by the Western and Indian media, that usually love to bash on China for a political agenda.







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Kowe Kwon
Answered 16h ago
emmmmm…….but india is much more polluted than china. anyone who has visited both countries can easily draw the conclusion.
ok then, lets talk about the reasons.
1.some knowledge about these countries.
china get its independence through fighting with japanese or the KMT. U see, they push down every unreasonable system ,they build an absolutly new system, in which there are no nobles and privileged class. and, through the war all people in china form a solid base to make their country great again.
in the other hand, india get its independence by "non violence, non cooperation." no bleeding ,no war, perfect. wait , how about the nobles?how about the privileged class?these people like ENGLAND more than INDIA. to those people, make our country great? who cares!
this is the most important reason.
2.religion could be the second reason. chinese people care more about themselves than cows.
thus, more educated means more income.
3. to be fair, chinese people are much more hard-working than indian people. no brag, no laze, busy working to get what they want.









Frank Zako, mental traveler
Updated 17h ago
India is still at very early stage of industrialization. And the central go nment is very inefficient in national housework type of tasks like cleaning pollution due to its social complexity and infamous sloppiness. The pollution will only get worse and worse in the next 20–30 years since India’s industrialization will need another 30 years to complete based on the pace India gets things done. It is very hard for Indian go nment to get ahead of problem but mostly trying to solve them from behind. The whole India nation is too self-indulgent to see reality clearly. Chinese go nment not only can mobile much better across the nation to deal with these things systematically, but also can now try to get ahead of problems. China is planning moving into electric cars 100% starting in 2025. China now is the country with the fastest forest coverage increasing. China has invested heavily in solving the air pollution that once burdened many developed countries just as bad or even worse. In 10–15 years we should see substantial progress on this.



The commerce and engineering speed, the discipline of following plans , the hard work of Chinese workers in every area are the key factors that India lacks, yet most India people don’t even know about this clearly. Somehow it seems that so many Indians don’t understand that being habitually 3 hours late for a business meeting will ensure India’s falling behind the China Speed.
Chinese go nment is now one of the most active and efficient govs in solving the pollution problems, while India has yet to consider it a big problem they need to handle quickly. Judging by the extend that India tolerates toiletlessness and slums, India’s tolerance for pollution is much higher than that of many countries and probably at the very top.



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