What is the best of way of seeing interior China for a foreigner who doesn’t speak Chinese?

None, except waiting for someone to show you around.



We have been living here in Gaogang for the past two years during this assignment. We have lived here in this very town on two other occasions, each stretching over a year. So, we are very familiar with the town and have seen it grow up from a small township to a big city within the span of five years, and it is growing at a very rapid pace. Beautifully laid, aesthetically landscaped and well planned city with Boulevards, Malls, Parks and New Colonies coming up all around, but frankly speaking this is the story of every new city in China.






When I came here, my blogger friends would tell me that China has only Beijing and Shanghai that they have made to showcase to the world, but what I saw didn't only amaze me, it also made me think, how unaware the world was of the progress that China has made in the last decade and I decided to update their knowledge by unprejudiced reporting through my blogs.


Walkways and Cycle tracks- alongside All Roads



I am not a paid professional journalist who has sold his conscience for money. I have also not sworn my allegiance to Chinese media whose reporting seems to be more out of compulsion than voluntary. I am just a freelancer, writing out of love for writing and I write what my hearts directs me to, and I would never compromise it for money or fear of consequences. If I am faced with such a situation, I would choose to write on a subject that doesn't embroil me in to a controversy rather than choosing to be a paid singer, because love is not a commodity that can be traded.






With in a span of five years, huge multi storied colonies have come up where there used to be vast stretches of fields. A grand mall has come up too. These days, the sewers of the city are being replaced with bigger ones, perhaps in anticipation of great increase of population, for which the residential accommodation is all ready for occupancy, but none of it has put the people living here to any inconvenience. It is planned in such a way that the people don't have to take a detour.

5年来,一大片曾经是田地的地方建起了多层住宅。还建起了一座大型 购物中心。




New Colonies that have come up in the last two years



The city roads here are already broader than highways in India and majority of them are laid in cement. When new colonies come up in India and people start moving in, a multitude of woes come with them and come along the flies and mosquitoes.



You can release a bicycle using a phone based application- ride it and deposit it at another location


Bad approach roads, poor drainage, piled up debris, stagnant water in uneven patches of land, where mosquitoes breed their invading armies, uncut grass, shrubs and vegetation, stray dogs, rats and cats, no boundary walls allowing free run to petty thieves, who steal everything they can get their hands on.


Pedestrian Paths



You name the woe and it’s there, but the people have no choice after the colony is declared habitable, the dwelling units are allotted and the formality of inauguration is gone through. It takes years for the infrastructure to complete and that too after the distraught residents form Unions, after approaching the concerned authorities for getting their grievances addressed fail.




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