原文标题:1962 war tried to wake up Nehru with heavy punch: China daily


BEIJING: Ahead of the India-China border talks, an official Chinese daily on Thursday said both countries need to learn a lesson from the 1962 war that even though Beijing may like peace, it will firmly defend "its" land.

Using strong words, the write-up in ruling Communist Party's Global Times' web edition said the 1962 war was to "wake up" former PM Jawaharlal Nehru from the influence of US and former Soviet Union by giving him a "heavy punch" .



It also claimed the real target for Chinese leader Mao Zedong's ire at that time was Washington and Moscow . "Fifty years ago, when China faced several difficulties both domestically and internationally, Nehru administration , encouraged by the US and the Soviets, brought more trouble to the Sino-Indian border between 1959 and 1962", the article titled 'China won, but never wanted, Sino-Indian war' said. Written by Hong Yuan, deputy secretary-general of Centre of World Politics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the article focus on China's victory and Beijing's "peaceful intentions" in declaring ceasefire despite the success and the "reluctance" with which China fought it.



VIKASH (maine usa)
No one wins in any war! except the bullies at the top, who want control of the masses, in order to protect their privileged way of life! ..meanwhile the masses seem to be expendable!
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Common Indian (Global) 4 hrs ago
Lesson learnt from 1962 - never trust China... they r back stabber
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scamnivas (Madras) replies to Common Indian
Countries never trust others like India trusted China. It was a Himalayan Blunder by Nehru.
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komatineni (India)
I hated China more than Paki during my school days and younger years. Because the way the books and teachers thought us on 'back stabbing'. Surprisingly the same thing was taught in China. They consider India as a backstabber and claim they're treated badly. The whole saga started with Lama. The Chinese also quote the US-USSR issues and felt India cheated the friendship by going with USSR and tried to take control on Tibet. We never understood the Chinese and so did they. We became the pawns in US-USSR cold war. But culturally speaking I'd never trust China. They have certain principles which we can't tolerate and they are the worst racist folks on the planet.
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Anjaan (Canada) 3 hrs ago
As always, the Chinese commentary smacks of a pious bully, that does not count India as relevant, while trying in vein to cover up its mortal fear of a rising India. No doubt now it is China's time to receive a heavy punch, to wake up .... !
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Bear (Australia)
If Nehru had accepted the advice of then army chief to use air force the result would have been different. China did not have air force then. Like Manmohan Singh, Nehru was living in "peace at any cost", but got a punch instead, under Congress, India will get another punch.
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如果尼赫鲁接受时任参谋长动用空军的建议,结果或许会不同。中国当时没有空军。正如曼莫汉辛格一样,尼赫鲁也是“不惜一切代价力争和平相处”,但是却受到重拳相击。在国大党的领导下, 印度还会受到重击。

komatineni (India) replies to Bear
I beg to differ. Chinese airforce was well trained and fought few wars by then. They're almost mass producing MIG's in late 50's & their own flights in 60.Added to that they do have a active missile program and nuke program. On the other hand we're understaffed, lack of focus & relying/trusting heavily on USSR. Indira did a good job with starting many of weapon programs which thanks to PV. Narasimha Rao & Atal ji continued.
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Arun Kumar (India) 3 hrs ago
Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet should have been opposed in 1948. Nehru failed to do so. China should withdraw from occupied Tibet, and China should withdraw from the Philippines Islands known as Spartly Islands that is forcefully occupying. China is indulging in 'Salami Slicing' of all it's neighbours territory. A divided and fractious internal political climate in India is what China wants. Too many Indians are obliging China with this. A united India is needed to tackle communist China. Jai Hind!
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komatineni (India) replies to Arun Kumar
Can't agree more. They are like the 'big brother' here now and we need to have a pretty good plan to defend ourselves.
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AB (Richmond, USA) 3 hrs ago
Chinese are so pathetic. They always want to show how nice and good they are. The Indians lost because they had bad leadership, still do. They were completely unprepared both in military sense as well as diplomatically. They kept of preaching West/USA, and in the end USA saved their butt from getting completely whipped. Without intervention Chinese could have overrun all of North East.
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joke (newdelhi) replies to AB 2 hrs ago
r you joking? Nerhu is the good leader in India, as i see,so many years after him, there are no one leader better than him.see now, advani? sonia?
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Fact (Melb) replies to joke 2 hrs ago
Abey Nehru ke chamche; Nehru game khelke PM bana tha. Sardar Patel was supposed to be the PM. Nehru was busy in playing with Mount Batten's wife. One of the most charaterless leader of India.
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waran (Australia) 3 hrs ago
China invaded Tibet and India and wants to invade the terrortial waters of the countries in the South China Sea A big bully China as such USA is starting with rekindle defence partnership with Australia, Singapore, Philliphines
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chinese reader (China) 3 hrs ago
Indian, by the whole race, is born as inferior smelly sh1t. That is our view.
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Manish Vaid (Miami) replies to chinese reader
Omg...look who's talking!!!


Raman (SEA) replies to chinese reader 2 hrs ago
China has no border with India. Only Tibet and the land of Ugihars has borders with India.


Dr K (Canada) replies to chinese reader
Look in the mirror and try to smell your own breath.
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raj (UK) 3 hrs ago
Try to google what happened in China during 1959-1961. China was in the worst time during that time. Does anyone want a war in that type situation?
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Mad Madrasi (Chennai) replies to raj
you idiot. it is when despots and dictators are cornered/in trouble, they start a war.
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Youngs (China) 2 hrs ago
If you see from original Chinese , you will find that, 1959-1962 is the worst time of China ,they will never start a war at that time unless the Nehru' foolish action. Indian ' bad clinate and poor land , never worthy of Invading of China.
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Mad Madrasi (Chennai) replies to Youngs
you idiot (but sitting in China, what else can you do but parrot official line?). it is when despots and dictators are cornered/in trouble, they start a war.
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Dilip Rathod (Houston)
Some Difficulties faced by China domestically and internationally and Nehru's role at Washington and Moscow's behest forced China to wage 1962 war seems illogical and unacceptable. A lie cannot change its face in the passage of fifty years. What about that slogan- Hindi-Chini bhai bhai? Greedy Mongolian liars.
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Ashok Bhattacharyya (NJ(USA))
Had China not given punch to India in 1962, Pakistan would have run over Delhi in 1965. It does not mean that China is our well wisher but there are many things to learn from China especially about national self esteem which is indispensable for any nation to grow.
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Steve (Bangalore) 1 hr ago
Nehru trusted Krishna Menon too much as defense minister. As for krishna Menon, he was woefully unaware of how to keeping the "army battle ready". Had it not been for the US; China would have taken over land upto Assam. This could repeat if we have a defense minister that does not listen to his army.
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indianaamadmi (kerala)
But for the brief wake up punch, we continue to sleep.
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Amandeep Khurana (India)
To be honest nehru-gandhi family always thinks that they are born rulers of india,if india had signed a peace treaty with china in 1962 we would have a friend instead of a enemy in neighbourhood!
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Manish Vaid (Miami)
Chinese were always arrogant and with increased power and money they are worst than ever. They would not think twice to backstab a close ally if its generating money for them. In 1962 also, Nehru was confident that there can be a issues to discuss but there cant be a war. Burmas premier Ba Swe had cautioned Nehru but he dint pay no heed. Chinas premier Zhou had visited india just a week before the war started and assured that there wont be any war. chinese are hard headed people and do not really care to please someone like india keeps doing with pakistan. Even if MMS calls wen jibao his close friend, he wont think twice to strike india. 1962 we were atleast near to the chinese army migh but oday chinese rmy is much stronger than ever and india doesnt stand a chance in case of a war!!!
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Bhushan (Delhi)
Nehru could not survive the "heavy punch" and died not long afterwards. The Chinese taught him a practical lesson of his life. He was too self-assured that he often ignored the advice tendered by Sardar Patel, a prectical politician,
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Paddy Singh (Salisbury, Wiltshire)
I hope the PM, mostly asleep, has read this article. Would he too be brave enough to reply in as bold a language?
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